We humans learned with time that risk is followed either by success or failure and failure is the ultimate lesson.

Profits are what we have been seeking for so long and knowing that profits are like breathing since we have to have them both, who would live just to breathe?

Forex Markets were considered by many to be risky unpredictable casinos, not being able to control them is people’s nightmare, scared of the unknown, unstable and unbeatable.

Over the years traders survived the BULL/BEAR battle and managed to create strategies and techniques to outsmart and anticipate the next trend, opportunity, and trade.

Forex then lost the GAMBLE synonym, as soon as investors began to understand this new study, a study based on fundamentals, technicals, and sentiments, turning what was once unknown into a science, formulas, and statistics exceeding all expectations and betting on a rich fruitful and opportunistic market THE FOREX MARKET.