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Free Crypto & Forex trading Course in Dubai. Pave Your Way for the Top Trending Forex and Cryptocurrencies Industry with One Online Bootcamp Course.

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Firas Hachache

Head Mentor, Founder

As a financier with over a decade of experience, Firas Hachache has extensive knowledge of trading and CFDs in the forex markets. He also has a keen interest in teaching novice traders the craft of trading in addition to being well informed about resource allocation, investment strategy, and risk management.

Firas Monzer

Regional Relationship Manager, Trust Capital TC

The prominent forex evangelist Firas Monzer, armed with his extensive knowledge of modern financial analytical tools, ensures the best possible results in trading, investing, and risk management decisions. Monzer, who is also adept at teaching trading, conducts trading classes in Arabic. Monzer’s self-confidence and risk appetite have made him one of the best analysts of the last decade.

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monitoring and trading.

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One month one of one trading assistance via
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I took an A to Z course in Trust Institute along with managing my business. Though I was trading earlier, I wasn't confident in it. So, I was seeking a course for it. I eventually found the Trust Institute and met Mr. Firaz, who was polite to us and was teaching us with consideration. So, I took a course with him.



I have studied at Trust Institute as a full-time student. I will refer Trust Institute to my friends as these people are just legit. Earlier I was poor at trading skills. Before I joined here, all I knew was some platforms or Youtube videos. Now I am really confident about it.


Faith Muthai

I heard about Trust Institute by searching online. I like my course because I’m able to interact with my mentor Mr. Firas. I’m able to understand better. He uses examples that give me more knowledge of understanding.


Bunyod Abdullae

I heard about the trust institute through social media, and I just entered their live session. I chose the basic course because I should learn step by step. Mr. Firas, he is giving the examples on exchange and forex.